Ashaway library is a cozy and welcoming space but low space efficiency, lack of connection between interior and exterior space and lock of division by users and functions.
 My goal is to transform the space more open for the children, more collaborative and private for adults and naturally connect to exterior space.
 There are 1 floor and a basement of the building. I reorganized the space by different function.
 Space Division:   1F: information desk, bookshelves,reading zone, audiobook zone (focus on library's fundamental function itself )  B: office, kitchen storage, restroom, computer zone ( basic functions), kid's zone for reading and programs (focused on outdoor activities, family gathering and annual events )
  Continuous and undulating line and surfaces connecting interior and exterior spaces, Natural lighting from the exterior Flexible and transformational moving furniture. I separate the interior space by users and the function of each space but tried to connect each space as well as exterior space.
 Using the different levels of floor combined with exterior space to create interior landscape. The inner staircase is multiple functional. It could be the staircase, seats and bookshelves.    
 Plan of interior landscape
 Section of Interior landscape
 I also made the moveable furniture just fit in the different levels of floor. It could be a table and bookshelves for people reading, eating or something else.
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